Tropical garden in japan

private property  Fujisawa , Kanagawa  Jul. 2016 - Sep. 2016

□It’s located in Tujido and this place is 2km away from the sea. The client's request was the tropical style garden , especially Miyako island in Okinawa region. Okinawa is a southen islands in Japan and famous for the beach resort. This garden is inspired by the resort villa in Miyako island. Miyako island was formed when a limestone rose. The population is fifty-five thousand. The area is 200 km square. The 4th biggest island in Okinawa islands. There is no river , the highest mountain is 115m. What is the Miyako style? We found out it from differences from the other Okinawa islands.

1-32-52 Minamiohta Minami-ku,
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