Meditation garden

garden festival  International rose and gardening show 2016  May. 2016

□This garden was exhibited at gardening show in Japan. The main theme was "Living with garden as french style".

French style , it's very wide meaning. What is the most associationable thing? I consider what french style is good at making or taking a spare time and respect personalities. At least more than the most of japanese.
So , how can we build that ideas in the garden? One of the way is looking into ther inner self. It can produce a life to spare and approch that french style. We need thinking ourselves deeply or nothing to think and do at all. I suggest having a meditate space in the garden. Meditation is the effective way to get it.
Zen is a japanese culture. We used to have the simillar idea lika french style but nowadays we are loseing it , because our life is too quick to live. We need to back to the basics.
I make the meditation garden for opening our mind and facing ourselves.

1-32-52 Minamiohta Minami-ku,
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